GSearch 1.2 Development Notes

Mar 3, 2010 at 3:18 AM

I've started work on the next version of the GSearch library, prompted more or less by my noticing that Google had made some changes to their API. The net effect is more options for image and web searches, and the removal of some arguments that didn't get much use. So the main purpose of the next version is to accommodate these changes. Beyond that I will also be looking to improve the structure of the code a bit. Some specific goals:

API alignment

  • Remove the 'mono' option from the colorization filter argument to image searches
  • Add the new color filter options to the image search arguments
  • Remove the deprecated 'restrict' argument to image searches
  • Add the 'duplicate content filter' argument to web searches
  • Add the 'country' argument to web searches

Other stuff

  • Look at where the enumerations of search-specific argument values are declared with an eye toward consolidating any that might be common, and moving the rest in with the search-specific request and result classes
  • Look at the access specifiers for all the class declarations and make sure anything that should be internal is
  • Review all the search request and response objects to make sure we're in synch with any changes.
  • Sign the output assemblies with a strong key.
  • Look at providing alternate forms of the main search types so that clients can pass string equivalents for the arguments.

That's what I see so far. I'll be adding to this discussion as I come up with other ideas. In the meantime, should you happen to be using GSearch, by all means chime in with your own ideas.